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Residential House Cleaning =
Homes, Apartments, Condos

Residential Job Description

Part time only with flexible hours.

Most of the jobs are in the greater Grand Rapids area.

Hours are normally between 8am to 5pm Mon thru Fri.

Each residence is done different depending on what the customer wants and needs.

You will work with one other person.

Sometimes the customer will be home and other times they will not.

Job duties =  dusting, vacuuming, general household clean-up including washing floors, counter tops, appliances, spot-cleaning cupboard fronts,  clean toilets, tubs showers, mirrors, sinks, baseboards, window sills, nick knacks, light fixtures, wipe counters, pictures etc. and there is no heavy furniture moving.
We are always looking for honest, reliable people who are dedicated to customer satisfaction & excellence!
Commercial Projects Cleaning Atmosphere

On the job training

No stress atmosphere

Listen to Christian radio while working

Looking for people who are
dedicated to customer satisfaction

Looking for honest, reliable people who are committed to excellence in their work.

We will work with you
on flexibility of hours.
What you can count on from the management of Grand Rapids Cleaning Services is honesty and integrity which includes over 20 years of management experience. We want to help our employees to be successful in every area of their lives; not just work.

Grand Rapids Cleaning Services have completed over 1600 commercial & residential jobs to date. We are looking for people with integrity, a great work ethic and
who take pride in their cleaning abilities.
No prior experience necessary.

Send Resume to:

Grand Rapids Cleaning Services

4398 Roger B Chaffee Suite 102

Grand Rapids, MI  49548

Phone: 616-855-6524


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Commercial  Projects - Job Description

Interior Post Construction Cleanup,
Apartments, Townhouses, Move-Outs,
Move-Ins & Commercial

Part time work only with flexible hours.

Most of the jobs are in the Grand Rapids area. Working hours are normally from 8am to 6pm Mon thru Sat.

There are no people, furniture, nick knacks, belongings, pictures, or distractions to work around.

Clean-ups are done right after the painters and fix-it people are done.

Equipment and supplies are provided by Grand Rapids Cleaning Services.

Job duties = clean inside windows & sometimes outside windows, mopping floors, cleaning door tracks, shades, appliances, tubs, showers, toilets, vacuuming, inside cupboards, wipe counters, mirrors and drawers etc and no heavy lifting.

With new construction clean-up it is sometimes necessary to sweep, vacuum and scrape putty off the floors of the basement or garage.

Clean-up may also includes pulling the stove and refrigerator out to be cleaned under and behind.

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Attitude is the key to enjoying your job. We are looking for a great attitude and a teachable spirit.

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